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Why pay 4 – 16 times or even more for new injectors or, at minimum, double the amount for remanufactured ones if you can have your clogged, dirty, leaking or gummed up injectors restored to their original condition for as little as $18.00 per  injector?  Our reliable cost effective and OEM approved  ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning service and flow testing will do just that for you.

We do not take your business for granted. We are more than willing to earn it, therefore  we guarantee our work and if we cannot restore  your fuel injectors to function like new, we will not charge you for our time spent on those injectors we were unable to restore !

Ultrasonic Fuel injector cleaning and flow testing services

We will save you money with our fast and reliable 24 – 48 hour turnaround times.

Cleaning Injectors outside the engine with the proper cleaning equipment is the only cleaning method that guarantees your injectors will operate like new. No other injector cleaning method can and will give you such guarantee.

The ultrasonic cleaning and flow testing process as well as the equipment we use is accepted and approved by the largest fuel injector manufacturer in the world.

We don’t just do injector cleaning we understand fuel injection systems and the way they function. Give us a call and let us help you with your injector problems. We like helping our customers.

Injector Cleaning:

spray pattern variationWith our manufacturer approved  injector cleaning service and specialized computer controlled testing equipment, we can restore your dirty, clogged or leaking fuel injectors to operate at the same level and standard as that of a new injector. After all, reconditioned or remanufactured fuel injectors are a used, leaking, dirty or clogged injector that has been ultrasonically cleaned, flow tested and fitted with new O-rings, filter baskets and pintle caps.


OHM Test Fuel InjectorsUpon arrival for a cleaning service the injectors are externally cleaned, numbered and then inspected for external damage. Injectors with visual cracks and exposed coil windings are rejected and will not be serviced and cannot be reused because they could pose a fire hazard.

The  injectors are then Ohm tested for resistance. Those failing the resistance test are set aside and will not be cleaned because they are deemed to be irreparable. We do not charge you for the tests done on injectors that are not repairable.

Test equipment:

ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning and testing equipmentThe injectors are now installed in our computer controlled testing machine where they are tested for reluctance. Injectors failing the reluctance test are deemed irreparable.

Under operating pressure, usually 43 psi /3 bar, the injectors are visually checked for pintle, ball or disc seat leaks. Spray patterns are checked for atomization and distribution and finally a flow test is done to determine the amount of fuel delivered.

GDI or direct injectors are tested at 73.5 PSI (5 bars) only. This procedure is also factory approved and done at lower than operating pressure due to the dangers involved with testing at high pressure.

Cleaning process:

ultrasonic cleaning injectorsWhere applicable components such as O-rings, filter baskets and pintle caps are removed. The  injectors are now placed in an ultrasonic bath containing a hot cleaning fluid.

Whilst the injectors are opened and closed at various speeds for approximately 25,000 – 30,000 times the cleaning fluid enters the injector nozzle and in conjunction with the ultrasonic sound waves start to break loose the dirt inside the fuel injector. Once this process is completed the injectors are back flushed to remove all traces of dirt and contaminants.
Read more about our fuel injector cleaning procedures and pricing.

Fuel Injector Flow Testing:

The cleaned injectors are now re-installed in the  flow bench where they are again checked for leaks. Then under various duty cycles and rpm levels they are tested for atomization and distribution. Flow volume is tested for evenness under rpm and then a final flow test is done under static conditions.

Once all the required tests are passed, new O-rings, filter baskets and pintle caps are installed if and when available. The injector cleaning process is now complete and the reconditioned  injectors are lubricated and placed in a plastic bag. A comprehensive report is prepared for the owner and included.

Note: We don’t easily give up on leaking injectors or the ones that proof difficult to clean. In most instances we will keep on trying until the injectors work the way they should. We will not charge you for the extra time spent and if we are unsuccessful we will not charge you at all.

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Faulty fuel injectors:

Faulty fuel injectors will cause check engine light to displayFaulty injectors may it be  clogged, leaking or dirty have the potential to cause expensive catastrophic engine failure. Proper maintenance will help you avoid these costly repairs.  Injector cleaning should always be considerate as part part of you maintenance plan especially on older engines.
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Outboard Fuel Injectors:

outboard fuel injector cleaning
We clean and service automotive, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, Jet Ski, marine and outboard fuel injectors as well as many others. We also clean and flow test GDI or direct injection fuel injectors.
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Clean fuel injectors:

clean injectorClean fuel injectors will:

  • Improve fuel economy
  • Reduce exhaust pollution,
  • Increase engine performance
  • Reduce service and repair costs and,
  • Save you money

Fisher House FoundationFisher House

In appreciation to those who have served and sacrificed, Injector RX donates  50 cents for every injector cleaned and serviced, towards the: Fisher House Foundation

We also ultrasonically clean:

  • Fuel rails
  • Throttle bodies
  • Carburetors and small oil coolers.

We Do Not Service:

  • Diesel Injectors
  • GM Vortec CPI injector “spider” assemblies
  • Ficht Fuel Injectors
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Cost of Fuel Injector Cleaning service:

$18.00 each per std injector. $25.00 each per GDI Injector.

For our walk in customers we offer while you wait service at $25.00 per injector and $35.00 per GDI Injector.

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We have been cleaning injectors nation wide. We ask and thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.