Clogged fuel injector filter basketsideA clogged fuel injector can cause an electronic fuel injection system to operate inefficiently, consume more fuel and possibly lead to engine failure. Electronic fuel injection systems began replacing carburetor fuel systems in the 1980s and grew in popularity with car manufacturers which lead to the complete implementation of electronic fuel injection systems in all vehicles. There are very few carburetor systems available because electronic fuel injections systems provide better fuel efficiency. Clogged injectors has to be taken care of in the proper way and it is best to have an experts taken care of the problem.

Electronic fuel injection systems

Better fuel efficiency from electronic fuel injection systems provides for better gas mileage on each tank full of fuel. Electronic fuel injection systems are available on both diesel and gasoline engines and come in different types including single point fuel injection, central port fuel injection, multi point fuel injection, continuous fuel injection and direct fuel injection. Over time and use it is possible buildup to occur on the injectors which can result in a clogged fuel injector.

Build-up of residue and dirt on fuel injectors occurs over time as a result of the type and quality of fuel being used, as well as the octane level. The use of cheap fuels for an extended period of time can affect the performance of electronic fuel injectors and even cause clogged fuel injector occurrences faster. Problems with electronic fuel injectors can be noticeable such as a loss of power, increased fuel consumption and lower gas mileage between fill-ups.

Fix a clogged fuel injector

There are different products and services available on the market which might fix a clogged fuel injector. One method is offered by quick oil change places, car dealerships and mechanics which uses a liquid injector cleaner forced through the the fuel rail into the electronic fuel injectors  while the engine is running. There are drawbacks to using this type of cleaning method because there is no way to examine the injectors and determine if they are fully unclogged or  if there are stuck injectors and how well the injectors are performing.

Another problem with this method to clean a clogged fuel injector has to do with the chemicals used in the cleaner. The chemicals can cause damage to other parts of the electronic fuel injection system such as sensors, catalytic converter, seals and electronic components. Particles and buildup inside the injector can become loose and may be too big to pass out of the system which can result in additional clogs in the fuel injection system. Other problems with the fuel injection system cannot be discovered such as worn O-rings, leaking injectors and stuck injectors.

Clean clogged injectors with ultrasonics

The only guaranteed method that addresses these problems and can clean a clogged injector properly is by removing the fuel injectors from the engine. Once removed, the injectors can be dropped off or mailed to a professional cleaning service, like Injector RX, Injector RX uses a manufacturer approved ultrasonics cleaning process to clean fuel injectors as well as provides fuel injector flow testing services. Advantages of this method allow Injector RX to fully clean each injector, replace worn parts with new ones and test each injector for fuel flow comparison. For information on pricing, where to mail or drop off the injectors or other questions, call 281-738-3635 or visit the website.