Direct Injection fuel injector cleaning includes before and after results Only $25.00 per injector (24-48 hr turn around times)

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Engine manufacturers are switching to Direct Injection Fuel Injectors to meet emissions standards, better performance and greater fuel economy. GDI or Gasoline Direct Injection is the way forward.

What is GDI / Direct Injection Fuel Injectors

Instead of delivering the fuel via a fuel injector in the intake track before the intake valve, GDI or gasoline direct injected engines inject a very fine mist of fuel directly in to the combustion chamber hence the name Direct Injection.  Direct fuel injection injectors operate at fuel pressures that vary between 450 — 3000 Psi. To achieve these pressures, the gasoline is pressurized by a high pressure fuel pump that is mechanically driven and electronically controlled.

Why the use of  Gasoline Direct Injection Fuel Injectors

GDI or Gasoline Direct Injection enables the engine to operate at a stratified charge combustion, described by most of the vehicle manufacturers as an Ultra Lean Burn mode, giving a much improved fuel efficiency, great engine torque and reduced Exhaust Emission levels at low load.

With the sequential firing GDI systems, the direct injection fuel injector only opens to a maximum of 7mS. As the fuel requirement increases, the injector remains at 7mS and the pump pressure increases to meet the demand, allowing the injector to open and close quickly and efficiently. No more “Duty Cycle” as we have known it. These engines use an expensive high specification injector, Hitachi, Bosch, Denso and Siemens being the major suppliers.

Direct injection fuel injectors are prone to carbon build up and are affected by the hostile environment in the combustion chamber as well as the hydrocarbons and additives which all forms part of today’s fuels.

Because there is no cleaning agent, such as gasoline, present to clean the valves from any debris the current drawback from direct injection fuel injector systems in 4 cycle engines is the buildup of carbon and dirt behind the intake valves and ports . Engines start losing performance after 45000 miles and the only remedy on some models is costly because it requires removal of the cylinder head to remove the dirt buildup from the intake valves and ports. Newer models such as the Subaru BRZ now make use of both direct injection and manifold injection to curb some of these problems

Cleaning Direct Injection Fuel Injectors or GDI fuel injectors

direct injection fuel injector cleaningDepending on the engine requirements, this style of injectors can have varying types of spray patterns, but all of the direct injection fuel injectors will be atomizing a much smaller fuel droplet size than a normal fuel injector. Conventional injector would have a fuel droplet size of +/- 165 micron, where some GDI injectors would produce a fuel droplet of only +/- 65 micron.


GDI Fuel Distribution and Atomization

Fuel Distribution and Atomization is equally critical to the engine’s performance, fuel economy and emission outputs. A clogged fuel injector or a set of dirty fuel injectors will cause a range of problems and in some instances even severe engine damage.

Our testing equipment allows us to critically examine direct injection fuel injectors for correct electronic operation in response to changes in mS, RPM and proper atomization as well as the proper cleaning techniques that will allow us to restore your GDI injectors to original specification.

Most direct injection fuel injectors are difficult and time consuming to remove and re-fit; would you fit a set of injectors without ensuring they are working correctly?

Insist your dealer/mechanic/technician send your dirty direct injection fuel injectors or clogged GDI fuel injectors to us for cleaning before they attempt to replace them with expensive new ones. If the injector does not perform up to spec or we can not clean them, we will not charge you for the time spent, only for the return shipping if you want the injectors returned.

Acronyms pertaining to Direct Injection Fuel Injection

GDI = Gasoline Direct Injection (Mitsubishi GDI)
FSI = Fuel Stratified Injection (VW)
SCi = Smart Charge injection (Ford)
HPi = High Precision Injection (BMW)
JTS = Jet Thrust Stoichiometric (Alfa Romeo)
GTDI = Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection (Ford)
IDE = Injection Direct Essence
SIDI = Spark Ignition Direct Injection (Holden)


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Note: Due to cost we currently do not replace some of the O-rings and seals on some of the GDI injectors we service.