Fuel Injector ConnectorCurrent to the fuel injector is controlled by the vehicle’s engine management system. Connection to the injector is made by means of a signal wire from the fuel injector to the engine management system and is secured to the fuel injector by means of a fuel injector connector. These injector connectors are also referred to as injector clips, injector pigtails or injector wires.

Inside the injector connector

Conditions around the engine such as vibration, high temperature, oil, chemicals and corrosive fumes cause the fuel injector connectors to become brittle and eventually either become loose or break. The pins inside the injector connector become corroded and loose their ability to make proper contact. Once this happens the fuel injector does not receive a proper signal from the engine management system and the fuel injector starts to misfire or in some cases does not fire at all.

Except for the visual appearance of cracks in the injector connector, problems such as rough idle, misfires, bad fuel consumption, lack of power, sluggish acceleration and stumbling during cruise can also be contributed to a bad fuel injector connector.

Bad fuel injector connectors

Problems with bad fuel injector connectors too often go undiagnosed and can sometimes cost thousands of dollars of unnecessary repairs before the real source of the problem is identified. Don’t let it happen too you.

Replacing bad fuel injector connectors is easy and inexpensive and can be done with basic tools.

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